Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Vintage Duck-Egg Blue Patterned Nail Art

I saw this design on Pintrest and had to try it out! 

Step 1

Apply your base coat.

Step 2

Apply the duck-egg blue colour to your index, middle and little finger. Apply white to the thumb and a glitter/holographic silver to the ring finger. Apply all the colours with as many coats as necessary until they are opaque. 

Step 3

With a striping brush apply vertical stripes down the index finger.

Step 4

With a small dotting tool apply lots of uniformally arranged duck-egg blue dots to the thumb.

Step 5

With a large dotting tool add a few uniformally arranged white dots to the little finger. 

Step 6

Create the daisy shapes on the middle finger. Use the same dotting tool as used on the little finger, place 5 white overlapping dots in a circular shape. Add one dot of duck-egg blue to the centre. 

Step 7

Seal in the design with a top coat. 

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