Saturday, 24 August 2013

Green and Pink Dots, Stripes and Dragonfly Stamp

I am really loving dots and stripes and a fancy design on the ring finger at the minute. 

The ring finger was done using a cheeky nail stamping plate. The colours used were: Rimmel Lasting Finish Misty Jade, and Barry M Flamingo Pink. 

Step 1

Apply a base coat. 

Step 2

Apply the base colour, always apply two coats. 

Step 3

Apply the stripes with a striping brush and dots with a dotting tool. Use a contrasting colour that will stand out against the base colour, this colour  should be used for all the details. 

Step 4

Choose a stamping design and stamp on to your ring finger. I think this dragonfly pattern suites the designs perfectly, although I did use a chick design on the ring finger of my other hand. 

Leave a comment below if you want a separate stamping tutorial. 

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