Friday, 9 August 2013

Breaking Bad Nail Art

How amazing are these? My inspiration was the up coming release of the new series of Breaking Bad (on of my favourite ever shows) on the 11th of August and a mash up of a few designs I've seen on Google Images. 

Step 1

Apply your base coat on all nails

Step 2

Apply the MUA fur effect nails on your index and little finger. Click the link to find out how: MUA Fur Effect Tutorial. You could use any textured blue nail art for that. 

Step 3 

Paint your middle and ring finger with a green paint. I used acrylics since they run less when applying a top coat so don't mess up your design. 

Step 4 

Paint your thumb with white paint.

Step 5 

Paint the lines and letters on the middle and ring finger in white. Again, I went for acrylic, though if you used green nail polish, I'd use white nail polish rather than acrylic to match. 

Step 6 

Draw Heizenberg on your thumb with black paint in the following order: hat, face shape, glasses, nose then moustache.

Step 7

Top all but the blue textured nails with a top coat to protect your design. 

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