Friday, 2 August 2013

Striped Nails and First Impression of Acrylics

I recently received a pack of 10 acrylic paints and a set of 15 nail art brushes. I decided to have a play and this is what happened. 

Step 1

Paint a base colour on top of your base coat. I went for white to make whatever design I do stand out.

Step 2

Use a striping nail art brush to form the stripes. I dampen the brush with water and make sure the acrylic paint is the right consistency - loosened up with water but not watery (takes a bit of practice). I covered the whole length of the brush in paint, placed it on my nail towards one edge, pulled it towards the other edge whilst turning my nail away from the other hand. I know its hard but try keep them as parallel and horizontal as possible. 

Step 3 

I did a little design on my ring finger to make it more interesting. I just did zigzags with a detailing brush.

Step 4

Finally, cover it all in a top coat to protect your design. There may be edges around the nail to clean, just soak a cotton bud in nail polish remover and rub away the paint. 

I definitely need more practice at acrylic paints and these brushes. Keep an eye out for more designs to come, and lets hope I can perfect the technique!

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