Thursday, 29 August 2013

Green Sea Fan Brush Nail Art and Sea Life Stamping

This is another one of my own designs. I knew I wanted to try a technique using a fan brush and went from there. I thought that the turquoise colours and stripy effect lent itself to a marine theme, so I used a fish themed stamp design. 

Below are the nail paints I used. Substitute in similar colours from your own collection. 

Step 1

Apply your base coat

Step 2

Paint your nails with the medium turquoise colour. 

Step 3

Prepare your fan brush: dampen it and separate the bristles a little (as separated as they are in the picture to the right is sufficient). Separating the bristles can be done by holding them between your thumb and index finger and allow the brush to run through your fingers. Place a large blob of the darker turquoise colour onto a piece of paper or something you can clean nail varnish off.

Step 4

Dip the very tips of the bristles into the dark turquoise and run the brush across your nail horizontally, so there are continuous horizontal stripes across your nail. This takes a bit of practice, if the line stops in the middle, start from the other side. This look does not require perfection so don't worry about messiness!

Step 5

Clean your brush by dipping it in nail polish remover (poor a little into a lid or a small glass) and rub it on the side of the container then bring it out and wipe off the excess on a cotton pad. Separate the bristles again.

Step 6

Repeat step 4 with the lightest turquoise colour.

Step 7 (optional)

Allow the polish to dry completely. Stamp on a marine themed design onto the ring finger. You could free draw a fish and bubbles, I think that would look great. White, dark blue/turquoise or silver would work to make a design on the ring finger. 

I was considering not putting these nails on the blog because I wasn't happy with the boldness of the stamping. However, When I was at the gym, the lady behind the desk asked if they were done professionally and was shocked to find out they weren't. That made me proud of these nails, so I have shared them. I hope you decide to have a go!

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