Tuesday, 23 July 2013

MUA Fur-Effect Nails Application and Review

Step 1

Apply a base colour coat of nail varnish as usual. Pick a colour to co-ordinate with the fur. I've gone for Nails Inc Baker Street.

Step 2

Take the sifter off your fur-effect pot. This is messy so I'd do it on a piece of paper to catch any excess, you can put this back into the pot. Tip about a quarter of the fur into the lid of the pot. 

Do the following steps on each nail in turn

Step 3

Apply a second coat of your base colour onto one nail. Make sure there is a piece of paper underneath to catch the excess fur. Quickly, while it is still very wet, shake fur from the lid of your pot over your nail. Pile it up all over the nail, don't worry about waste, we'll salvage any excess. 

Step 4 

Press on the piled up fur onto your nail. Turn your finger to the side and tap it to tap off the excess fur onto the paper. 

Step 5 

Fold the paper in half and tap the excess fur back into the lid.

Repeat this process on all nails. 

Don't use a top coat on this manicure because it will spoil the effect. 


MUA Fur-effect nails is sold at £3 in Superdrug. I only used about an eighth to a sixth of the product, so it's good value. I really hate the sifter, it stops the product being tipped out so I took that off straight away (poked a dotting tool through one of the holes and prised it off) and got blue stuff all over the couch. Apart from that, its a really easy to use product with a great effect. I'll add in later the long term review. 

Watch out for a Breaking Bad nail art tutorial I will be doing soon when the new season is aired. 

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