Saturday, 20 July 2013

Dr Who Nail Art for Manchester Comic Con

Dr Who Nail Art

These are the nails that I wore to Manchester Comic Con. I chose to paint my nails in a nerdy fashion instead of wearing a costume. I find unless your willing to spend a lot of money on a costume it can look a bit silly, and it was unbelievably hot so I'm glad I didn't dress up. 

Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy comic com too much. I'm not a big fan of cartoons or Anamai, I essentially went because Nathan (the other half) wanted to go and I heard Warwick Davis and Robot Wars were going to be there. In the end the queue for Warwick Davis was so long and hot that I thought if I stayed there long enough to get to him I'd probably faint (I tend to faint standing up in the heat for too long). I was so hot and bored that we left before Robot Wars started, it looked small and rubbish anyway, not like the cool show I remember. I think I expected it to be like what I have seen of the San Diego Comic Con, with characters from my favourite shows giving talks. It wasn't like that at all. The costumes were interesting to look at, and there were some cool memorabilia like Olivander Wands, Canvas pictures of the avengers and Game of Thrones T-shirts. I won't be going to Manchester's Comic Con again. However, if I happen to be in San Diego when Comic Con is on, I'll give that a go, I might even dress up. 

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